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Dr. Norman Walker

Raw-foods pioneer and best-selling author Norman Walker was passionate about the relationship between a healthy colon and a healthy body. Even though it’s one of the body’s most vital organs, the colon is often ignored unless constipation, gas, colitis, or prostate trouble occur. In this abridged version of his original work, Dr. Walker gives readers a tour of the large intestine and explains the intricate workings of our internal waste-disposal system.


Professor Arnold Ehret

Over a century ago, health visionary Arnold Ehret developed a logistical course in healing the bodythat has since helped untold numbers of people achieve their health goals. Ehret’s understanding of dietetics and his multidimensional system based on faith and science was decades ahead of its time. In this abridged edition of his original work (see page 9), Ehret identifies health-destructive foods and proposes a diet based on the laws of nature to cleanse, repair, rebuild, and maintain a healthy body. Special menus help readers replace harmful foods with health-supporting alternatives.


Is Modern Wheat Causing Modern Ills?

Beth Geisler

This compact health guide offers food for thought about the gluten-free phenomenon that’s sweeping the country.



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