Regain Energy, Reduce Stress, Reclaim Your Life

Sorrel Davis

Available mid-January 2018

The effects of stress are exceptionally complex and far reaching. They negatively influence a wide range of vital body systems and can compromise anyone’s well-being and quality of life. It’s frustrating and discouraging when multiple symptoms arise but conventional medical tests appear normal. A cluster of common complaints––such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, and insomnia––have been associated with a syndrome called “adrenal fatigue.” Could that be the root cause of all these symptoms?

Join Sorrel Davis on a guided tour of the adrenal glands and discover how they function, what their role is in the body’s stress-response system, and how their hormones influence physical, mental, and emotional health. Sorrel also explains various disorders of the adrenal glands and current testing and treatment protocols, and delves into the controversies surrounding a diagnosis of “adrenal fatigue.”

Learn how to reclaim your health and energy without complicated regimens or costly supplements and therapies. Get to the bottom of what’s making you feel bad and discover easy-to-use, time-tested techniques that can help!


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Price: $12.95
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