Jamie Thomas

At twenty years of age, Briony has no interest in the rituals of life at court—especially marriage. She’s far more concerned with the young king’s obsession with magic and oppression of those who can wield it. When Briony is arrested and sentenced to death for a magic she never knew she possessed, she escapes through a magical gate to the ancient fortress of Asperfell.

Asperfell is now a prison for the darkest and most dangerous Mages. No one has ever escaped. Trapped amongst the hopeless, the violent, and the deranged, Briony discovers the roots of the king’s madness lay buried in Asperfell’s past. And to find a way home, she’ll first need to rescue the true heir to the throne.

Written in gothic Victorian style, Asperfell will appeal to fans of Jane Austen and Susanna Clarke (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell).

Publisher’s Weekly review: The charming characters, understated romance that simmers between Briony and Elyan, and easily graspable politics are all well-rendered, but the true star here is the strange, mystical setting of Asperfell. This promising adventure has crossover YA appeal and is sure to win over fantasy readers. (12/04/2019)

Author Bio: A certified Language Arts teacher in the state of Washington, Jamie Thomas holds a Master’s degree in English Education and did her graduate research in the area of gender equality in high school literary curriculum. She is an avid lover of Victorian novels and poetry, Gothic Romanticism, and feminist literature, as well as epic female-led fantasy and historical fiction. Thomas aims to smash the patriarchy one novel at a time, creating characters and worlds that inspire, empower, and elevate women. She lives in Wenatchee, Wash., with her husband, daughter, two enormous dogs, and two mischievous cats.

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Price: $18.50
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