Installation, Standards, and Science for Builders, Landscapers, Regulators, Policymakers, Researchers, and Homeowners

Art Ludwig

Art Ludwig, founder of Oasis Design, is an ecological-systems designer who developed the first cleaners specifically designed to be bio-compatible with plants and soil. Homeowners, landscape designers, contractors, plumbers, and architects who are involved with a project that will involve permits or inspections will want this book. Clear explanations break down the arcane language of the plumbing code for nonprofessionals.

New construction details and tips, as well as essential information on permits and inspections, will help even inexperienced builders successfully include greywater systems in their projects. Included are suggestions for approaching building officials, inspecting greywater systems, introducing legislation to improve greywater regulation, and creating a successful business doing greywater system installation. This book will also help tradespeople, regulators, and researchers benefit from each others' experiences.

"The best guide for actual hands-on-greywater system construction available. Contractors need this book, do-it-yourselfers will simply love it. Time-saving tricks, traps to avoid, flowcharts for system selection, user education, its all here in plain English with an easy reading style." Doug Pratt, technical products developer, Real Goods Renewable Energy Division

"Any contractor, architect, or homeowner interested in sustainable architecture would do well to buy and study a copy of this book." Chris Prelitz, Seacrest Builders, Laguna Beach, California

"Most of the useful information that exists on greywater is in Oasis' books." Ted Adams, plumber and greywater consultant to the State of California

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