Deborah Merlin

Deborah Merlin

For fifteen years Deborah Merlin made it her mission to be an advocate for her twins’ special needs. As a new mother of very premature twins with challenging health problems, she found that doctors and other professionals offered only drugs as the solution. To find alternative ways to heal her children she attended alternative medicine and nutritional seminars, performed extensive research on ADHD and other health-related issues, and kept impeccable records.

In 1993, she was the co-chair of the Westside Cities Council to help promote Public Law 99457, part H, which implemented early intervention services from birth through three years of age for children at risk. She co-ran a parent support group at the Westside Regional Center in Culver City, California, that focused on children with special needs and those at risk.

In 1990 and 1991, she was the coordinator for outreach to pediatricians (under Public Law 99457, part H) and coordinated presentations at hospitals to educate pediatricians on early intervention services and resources for children at risk from infancy to three years of age. She was a guest speaker on radio programs to promote early intervention.

Deborah is a consultant to parents who need support and provides resources regarding their children’s individual needs.


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