The Scientific Method of Eating Your Way To Health

Arnold Ehret

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Over a century ago, health visionary Arnold Ehret developed a logistical course in healing the body that has since helped untold numbers of people achieve their health goals. Ehret’s understanding of dietetics and his multidimensional system based on faith and science was decades ahead of its time. In this original work, Ehret identifies health-destructive foods and proposes a diet based on the laws of nature to cleanse, repair, rebuild, and maintain a healthy body.

Presented as a course, there are 26 lessons. Subject matter covers: * General Introductory Principles * Latent, Acute, and Chronic Diseases * The Diagnosis * The Formula for Life * The New Physiology * Confusion in Dietetics * Transition Diet * Vegetarian Recipes * Destructive Diet of Civilization * Exercises for Proper Elimination
Special menus help readers replace harmful foods with health-supporting alternatives. Ehret also provides a detailed explanation of the therapeutic value of fasting and includes numerous recipes that prevent mucus buildup.

“The writings of Arnold Ehret will move your soul. They will cause you to think and wonder about life in a new way. The laws of nature are unchanging and thus the insights of this great man are timeless, and so very much needed for a troubled world.” David Astiggi, author, The End of Disease

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Length: 4 hours, 46 minutes

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