Transforming Car-Centric Housing Developments into Vibrant, Verdant, Sustainable Communities

Bolton Anthony

Bolton Anthony encourages readers to take back their neighborhoods and become active participants in creating communities that benefit all their residents. Through a collection of presentations from community leaders, activists, and experts in a variety of fields, key elements of a thriving neighborhood are identified and practical advice is provided on how to achieve them.

Through connection, communication, organization, and group activities, neighbors can build and develop resources that establish a strong sense of unity. Design plans geared toward elders help foster independence as well as companionship. This book is ideal for any neighborhood, development, or intentional community interested in sustainable living.

Back Cover Endorsements:
Reimagining Your Neighborhood is a go-to guide for creating resilient, healthy neighborhoods that enable residents to reach their highest potentials. Far from being theoretical, this book is based on years of experience. Get some copies to get the ball rolling in YOUR neighborhood.
David Wann, author of The New Normal: An Agenda for Responsible Living

What an exciting time to live in! A chance to really make a difference and create a new "culture of care." And Bolton Anthony's book will help us do this!
Cecile Andrews, author of Living Room Revolution: A Handbook for Conversation, Community, and the Common Good

I'm asked often: "What's the biggest challenge to our having neighborhoods that respond to the real needs of real people?" I reply, neighborhoods that align with their values, life experiences, and aspirations. "Is it government regulations, land use, zoning?" they ask. "Is it bank financing?" No, it's reaching a tipping point in our culture when enough people want the change; enough people get smarter about their neighborhood; enough people organize. Second Journey's new book is how to reimagine the places in which we currently live. We can do this... if we choose to.
Charles Durrett, author of The Senior Cohousing Handbook

As people live longer and the number of seniors in our population surges, not surprisingly creative ideas about living together in community are surfacing... The refreshing ideas in this new book from Second Journey will go some way in helping us recover the time-honored meaning of "neighborhood."
Robert E. Seymour, author of Aging Without Apology

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Price: $15.95
Second Journey


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