Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor started her journey as a vegan author long before her pen ever hit paper. With a background in sales and research in the field of ophthalmology, she learned to think critically, decipher good research from the rest, and spot when statistics were being used erroneously. So when the day came that she picked up a copy of John Robbin’s book, Diet for a New America, she was convinced by it’s sound reasoning and research, and went vegan overnight.

Over the years, friends and strangers alike noticed her good health and her dietary habits, and began asking questions: “Where do you get protein if you don’t eat meat? Where do you get calcium if you don’t eat dairy? How do you eat vegan when you travel? How do you eat at friends’ houses as a vegan? How can you possibly survive without cheese?!?”

With the same questions coming up over and over, she finally decided to write a book, and Vegan in 30 Days was born. With its practical approach and step-by-step plan, it has since become a favorite for people interested in trying out the vegan diet without becoming overwhelmed in the process.

In 2006 Sarah started a company called “The Vegan Next Door” in an effort to spread the word about the vegan diet. In March 2010, Sarah received her Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University. She has been interviewed for countless radio and internet shows, including NPR and EarthSave Radio, among others.

Sarah is currently working on her next book about the vegan diet. She lives in Gig Harbor WA, where in her free time she enjoys playing tennis, race walking, adventure traveling and scuba diving.


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