Cruelty-Free Recipes for Canines

Michelle Rivera

This compendium of nutritious, plant-based recipes provide the nutrients your dog needs in order to maintain good health as well as the flavors they love according to the enthusiastic response from pets being fed this diet. You'll find expert opinions from veterinarians and animal nutritionist enthusiasts on plant-based diets, a health survey on dogs fed a vegan diet versus commercial based, comprehensive lists of "people" foods that are beneficial to dogs and those that are harmful, and recipes for biscuits and treats as well as more substantial fare.

Whether you wish to supplement or completely transform mealtimes, a few of the recipes that will be a hit with your dog(s) include Banana-Nut Crunch Bars, Canine Cashew Casserole, Snickerpoodles, Rover’s Risotto, and German Shepherd’s Pie. Illustrated throughout with heart-warming images of woman’s best friend, this book will delight all dog lovers looking to make meal-times special. P.S. These treats are toddler-friendly.

Book Reviews

Simple Little Review This will be a simple little review for The Simple Little Vegan Dog Book. If you care for dogs—whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or just veg-curious—read this book! You’ll be more knowledgeable and your dogs will be healthier for it.(Disclosure: I received a free review copy of this book.) See Vegan Soapbox Review

Vegan Dog Food
Meet Datsun, my lovable, energetic 80-pound mutt:He's not vegan. He typically eats Pet's Promise Daily Health kibble, which is made without any animal by-products. All the information I've read leads me to believe that dogs can lead a healthy life as a vegan since they're natural omnivores (like humans). See Vegan Crunk Review

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