Quick, Easy Recipes with a Gourmet Twist

Alan Roettinger

Now it’s possible to whip up something fresh and fun, that will kick your taste buds clear into another world, and is completely vegan. Private chef Alan Roettinger’s blazes a new path for creating delicious food that is not only fast and easy to make but delivers gourmet tastes.

Experience Alan's kitchen wizardry in a collection of stunning dishes that anyone—even a kitchen newbie—can concoct in half an hour or less. His gift for pairing combinations of textures and flavors to create food that thrills and delights the palate is evident throughout the book. And his joyfulness around cooking and food is contagious. From exotic salads that stand on their own and pasta dishes all paisanos would savor to imaginative vegetable sides and divinely inspired desserts, these dishes are a cut or two above the standard quick-to-make vegan fare.

Also included is information on how to:

  • jump start quick dishes, jamming them with outrageous flavor without having to make everything from scratch each time
  • expand your culinary repertoire with new ingredients from the plant kingdom that will bring excitement back into your meals
  • select bare bones basic kitchen tools to get you started that won’t break the bank.


SPEED VEGAN shows how to serve up gourmet meals for maximum pleasure with minimum fuss.

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