Transform Vegetables and Fruits from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Beverly Lynn Bennett

Spiralizers are one of the most exciting kitchen gadgets to hit the culinary world. In a fraction of the time that it normally takes to cut everything by hand, home cooks can now slice and dice fresh produce quickly and creatively making it incredibly easy to incorporate nutritious fruits and vegetables into their daily diets.

Creating pasta and rice dishes made solely from spiralized vegetables is appealing to people who are following a gluten-free, low-carb, paleo, or raw food diet as well as anyone wishing to maintain their weight or entice children to eat more nourishing foods. Whether used for garnishes, salads, or main dishes, spiralized foods add excitement and fun to everyday meals.

Beverly Lynn Bennett demonstrates the versatility of spiralizers to transforms wholesome vegetables and fruits into cuts of various sizes and shapes—from thin spaghetti-like strands to thick noodles—into recipes that can be served for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, or snacks. Featuring both cooked and raw dishes, all recipes are free of gluten and dairy products and can accommodate a wide range of dietary references.

Fruits and vegetables that lend themselves to this technique include:
apples ▪ beets ▪ carrots ▪ celeriac ▪ cucumbers ▪ daikon radishes ▪ fennel ▪ jicama ▪ kohlrabi ▪ onions ▪ papayas ▪ parsnips ▪ pears ▪ plantains ▪ potatoes ▪ rutabagas ▪ root vegetables ▪ sweet potatoes ▪ winter squash ▪ yellow squash ▪ zucchini

Included is information on different types of spiralizers and how they operate, illustrated with photos.

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