Soil Building for Sustainable Gardens

Rosefiend Cordell

When you start thinking of soil as a living organism that has to be fed, your whole view of gardening changes. But keep in mind that soil building is not a one-time operation but an ongoing process. Learn the tricks of the trade from a longtime horticultural expert who explains that the key to well-fed and happy plants lies in constantly replacing the humus, or the organic material, that is essential for releasing nutrients in a form that's easily absorbed by plant roots.

Chemical fertilizers will not add humus to the soil. These are merely nutritional supplements; plants and their soil need real food.There are numerous ways that soil fertility can be increased with a minimum of effort, and without needing to purchase a lot of items. From earthworms, green manures, and cover crops to mulching, composting, and no-till gardening, you'll find wise advice in an easy-to-understand style with a good dose of humor. Along with a list of 60 weird things you didn't realize you could compost is a section on organic soil amendments. This treasure trove of gardening knowledge will make your soil-building experience as easy as possible.

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