VITEX The Women's Herb

Christopher Hobbs

Vitex, a beautiful plant with violet blossoms, has been used to treat a variety of women's health issues for centuries. Here Christopher Hobbs presents recent scientific research and modern clinical experience to support the successful use of vitex to balance female sexual hormones. Effective as commonly prescribed anti- depressants in relieving physical symptoms, as well as mood swings, associated with PMS, vitex extracts are also prescribed for uterine fibroid cysts.

A unique appendix summarizes the botany, chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, and cultivation of vitex, as well as condenses the results of clinical studies into easy-to-read tables. It also examines the debate surrounding the safety and efficacy of synthetic hormone replacement therapy. If you or someone you know needs help with female hormone balance, it's likely that vitex can help.

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