2017 Food Revolution Summit

A message from Dr Neal Barnard, MD of PCRM.

I will take part in a free, online event that will bring together 24 of the world's leading experts on how the food we eat impacts our health and animals.

Join me for the free, online 2017 Food Revolution Summit.

This event will run from April 29 to May 7.

I am joining my friends John and Ocean Robbins to speak at the Food Revolution Summit. This event is a great opportunity to get the latest breaking insights about how you can unleash the power of food to fight cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and dementia—and to stand up for a better world.

This is urgent. Pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, and toxic, untested chemicals are spreading like a virus through our food supply. Your health and the health of your family and friends, as well as our planet, is at risk! Now, it’s more important than ever to find out the truth. Discover what these experts know about how you can prevent and reverse heart disease, cancer, diabetes, fatigue, poor sleep, memory problems, and other health challenges — with food!

I have participated in previous Summit events. The feedback has always been positive, and John and Ocean always over-deliver on quality content. You'll want to tune in to hear these exclusive interviews from thought and action leaders in nutrition, animal issues, and the environment.

Sign up today for this free, online event to make sure you have the knowledge you need.


Neal Barnard, M.D.
President, Physicians Committee



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