A Guidebook for Teachers, Parents, Counselors, and Caregivers

Amoneeta Beckstein with Jana York

Due to our fast-paced culture, combined with the influence of social media and the stress of global pandemics and climate change, children today face challenges unique to their generation. Mindfulness techniques can help them navigate this new terrain. Mindfulness helps students understand the power of choice, get in touch with their feelings, and sharpen their focus. It’s associated with improved academic learning, better social skills, and emotional intelligence. Kids who practice mindfulness feel more relaxed, more creative, and more self-confident. As a bonus, instructors teaching these techniques often develop their own mindfulness practice and reap the benefits.

This guidebook can be used in classrooms as well as home settings. Psychologist Amoneeta Beckstein and mindfulness educator and practitioner Jana York pooled their knowledge and experience to compile this eight-week program, with lesson plans based on the use of vowels (including Y for “You”) as a mnemonic device. Each “vowel of mindfulness” represents an idea that helps students develop present-moment awareness: Attention, Experience, Investigate, Observe, and Understand. Engaging activities and games help children put into practice the concepts they learned. When these fundamental mindfulness principles and practices are incorporated into curricula, children acquire a new skill set they can apply to every aspect of learning and continue to use throughout their lives.

Integration of Positive Psychology and Mindfulness to Boost Happiness in a Southeast Asian Context

Teaching Mindfulness Sampler

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