CHIPOTLE FAJITAS / Seitanic Spellbook

Fajitas to War

The vegetable fajita rite is merely the tip of a full fajita seance. The other incantations—making beans, guacamole, rice, fresh salsa or pico de gallo—all combine together for the ultimate unholy meal. The beans and rice take almost no work after putting them up to cook. This and the guacamole are the only items that require attention. As with any manifestation that combines many things, the salt and spices combine over dishes. This means don’t fucking use as much as you would on its own.



Various fajita vegetables (bell pepper, onion, carrots, muschrooms, zucchini, etc. - pick a few)

Seitan or other vegan meat (optional)

Chipoltle peppers (canned in adobo sauce)

Corn or flout tortillas

Cooking oil (use olive oil or a neutral oil like canola oil for this...but it does not matter very much)


SPICES: Garlic or garlic powder, salt, pepper, onion powder, cumin, chili powder or fresh chilies

OPTIONAL: Smoke paprika, Fajita seasoning blend, any seasonoing blend you want


1. Butcher your vegetables into stalks like a creature possessed. If using zucchini, hold it back from the flames for a few minutes after committing the other vegetables. You do not want to cook zucchini for very long. If using seitan or another vegan meat like tofu, brown them first in the fires and fat. Sauté the vegetables in your cooking oil. You are not going to sauté the fuck out of them. You want them slightly fresh and crisp as if rigor mortis had just set in. They shall not be wilted and pathetic.

2. Spice the vegetables with reckless abandon. Use whatever spices sound good to you in fajitas. Do not fear spice These are often cheap and awesome.

3. Optionally, add sliced chipotle peppers from your can. Beware, they overpower the taste quickly, so use temperance with these. Two or three go a long way; store the remainder of the chipotle peppers refrigerated or frozen in the depths of hell for a long time.The daemonic clock ticks quickly with this. Sauté until they look awesome, but then remove before the dark ones steal too much of the crisp essence.

Gather around your other implements of fajita sacrifice!




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