The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook

Louise Hagler
Dorothy Bates

We're delighted to re-release The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook. The original Farm Vegetarian Cookbook was a primer on how to make vegetarian basics, such as homemade soymilk, tofu, seitan, and tempeh. It was the first meat-, dairy-, and egg-free cookbook published in the United States. It also featured good tasting nutritional yeast (rather than Brewer's yeast) as a source of the essential vitamin B12. According to Bill Shurtleff, author of The Book of Tempeh, it was also the first cookbook to introduce tempeh to North America.

The revised edition provided more in-depth nutrition information, and the recipes were adjusted to contain less fat and sugar, which reflected the emerging health insights about these ingredients. Many recipes highlight the versitlity of soybeans, which can be made into soymilk, soy yogurt, tofu, temphe, and ice cream. This compilation of recipes from members of The Farm community were intended to show that a plant-based diet could be tasty, nutritious, and economical.

Even today, with plant-based alternatives mainstream and Google at our fingertips, this cookbook is a beloved part of vegan culinary history that gets passed down from generation to generation.


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