Organic and Sustainable Agriculture Can Feed The Planet

Article from the Permaculture Research Institute. The never ending debate as to whether organic food production could actually feed the globe is back at the debate table. And the data culled for this latest report suggests that turning to increased organic food production to feed the globe isn’t really a far-fetched idea.

No Debate: Soy is Beneficial to Health

There’s no debate: Soy is beneficial to your health. Soy products have been shown beneficial for lung cancer prevention and survival, prostate cancer prevention, heart health and diabetes, bone health, inflammation, and hot flashes, among other conditions.

GroundSwell Books - Solutions for A Sustainable World

We’re proud to announce our new imprint, GroundSwell Books, dedicated to environmental education and inspiring readers to create a healthy, sustainable planet for future generations.

See our title list here: GroundSwell Books

Habits of the Fat and Unhealthy

From the introduction to Drop the Fat Act & Live Lean. I once worked with an obese woman who looked me in the eye and said, with complete seriousness, that she avoided bananas because they’re high in calories. She’d heard this from a friend and assumed that bananas would therefore make her fat(ter). (Side note: I’m guessing her friend was fat too.) Meanwhile, for dinner the previous night this client consumed a 16-ounce steak and a deep-fried onion appetizer from a local steakhouse. That’s about 2,500 calories in one meal!

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