Can You Lengthen Your Life?

Want the secret to living a longer and healthier life? Scientists have found ways to prolong the healthy lifespans of worms, mice, and even monkeys. Their work has revealed exciting new clues about the biology of aging. But solid evidence still shows that the best way to boost the chance of living a long and active life is to follow the advice you likely heard from your parents: eat well, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, and stay away from bad habits.

Spring Clean, Better with Plants

Article by Ashley Koff, R.D. of PCRM. It’s that time of year, spring, when we look to jump ahead into a season of warmth, flowers, and longer, sunnier days. Just like we change over our clothes, there are nutrition changes that can help support our bodies in their spring cleaning efforts. Nature already gives us a hint with all the plants popping up and the leaves growing back on the trees.

Low-FODMAP and Vegan

From our new book Low-FODMAP and Vegan. In 1999, Sue Shepherd, an Australian dietitian and researcher, developed the low- FODMAP diet, based on the database produced by the Monash University team. This revolutionary dietary therapy has been widely reviewed in international medical journals and is recommended as one of the most effective approaches for managing the symptoms of IBS.

Protein Demand is Destroying Our Planet

Article from Dr. Neal Barnard's blog. In 90 percent of the world’s countries and territories, people eat more protein than they need, according to a new report. In the United States, 21 percent of adults consider themselves protein deficient. But in reality, the average American exceeds estimated daily protein requirements by nearly 70 percent.

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